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Here you will find some of my more recent photographs.  I continue to search for images that remind of another time, or a place we would like to visit.  Images that wake up our emotions, and give us an awe of the world we live in.  Please visit my page often. The images will be later categorized and new images added.  

Old Memories

Some Images take us back to a time, place ,or person.  These are the images that can touch our hearts the most.


Flowers and plants have always pleased the visual senses.  The many brilliant variety of colors and shapes.


Images of animals remind us we share this world with many other lifeforms.  They can be graceful, beautiful, funny, scary, and everything in between.

Eclectic imagery

Some images are just visually pleasing. They can be of many different things.

Beautiful Settings

 Some Images just remind us what a beautiful world we live in.  They can give us a sense of Awe and wonder.

Human Element

Photos of Humans showing all types of emotions and conditions remind us all of the emotional ups and downs in life.